Baglio Gibellina U Passimiento 2022


Baglio Gibellina U Passimiento

The wine has an intense bright red color. Very characteristic and intense on the nose, with hints of red berries. In the mouth it is a warm, full wine, well balanced by its freshness. The tannins are soft and elegant.

The Frappato grapes are picked when they are just ripe. In this way the characteristic freshness is retained. The must matures after a slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The Nero d'Avola grapes remain on the vines for a long time, until they have dried slightly naturally. After this they are carefully placed in wooden boxes. After careful pressing, the must ferments at a controlled temperature. The two wines are slowly blended. They take their time but ensure that only wine from 1 harvest is included in the blend. To preserve the sweetness of the wines, the fermentation process is interrupted early. After this, the wine matures for a number of months in steel tanks.

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