Lacoste Borie Pauillac Bordeaux 2017


Lacoste Borie Pauillac Bordeaux

The Pauillac wine-growing region is located quite north in the municipality of Haut-Médoc on the banks of the Gironde. The vineyards are located on a hilly terrain with layer upon layer of coarse gravel with a thick layer of loess underneath. This soil is the basis for the sturdy yet elegant wines of Pauillac.

Lacoste-Borie, is the second wine of the famous 5th Grand Cru Chateau Grand-puy Lacoste. This second wine was vinified and matured at the large Château. The grape varieties are 75% Cabernet Sauvignon for strength, fruit, acidity and tannins, 15% Cabernet Franc for some lighter fruit, 8% Merlot for some mildness and soft fruit and 2% Petit Verdot for the alcohol. The color of this wine is deep ruby ​​red. This sophisticated mix of grape varieties produces a wine with beautiful, full and powerful fruit of cassis and berries, both in smell and taste. The wood aging gives the wine something of vanilla or caramel and a hint of mint. The aftertaste is long, pleasantly harmonious and complex.

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