Pipoli Bianco Greco Fiano Basilicata 2023


Pipoli Greco-Fiano Basilicata Bianco

White wine from Basilicata Italy. Pure, fruity, melon, peach, quince, beautiful juice, full of flavor and dominated by aromas of citrus and tropical fruits.

This wine is delicious in combination with salads and fish dishes, but is also ideal as an aperitif.

This wine is made for young drinkers, with enough experience, who are looking for value for their money. This wine is made from Greco and Fiano grapes. All steps related to the juice are done in an oxygen-free environment to preserve the aroma of the wine. The wine matures in steel tanks for 5-6 months.

Greco means "Greek" and is grown in southwestern Italy around the village of Tufo in the Campania region. The Fiano grape is a relatively unknown grape variety and mainly occurs in the south of Italy. The Fiano has aromas of apple, pear, pineapple and herbs.

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