Valderrama olive oil Giftbox 4 bottles of 250ml


Valderrama olive oil Giftbox 4 bottles of 250ml

These gift boxes are very suitable as a promotional gift, to taste the different varieties, in short, a nice gift.

Valderrama olive oil Hojiblanca 250ml. Soft notes of arugula, young green wood, privet and tomato. Ultimate suitable for both the 'cold' and the 'warm' kitchen.

Ideal for baking and roasting (can tolerate higher temperatures) tuna, meat preparation, stuffed tomatoes, mixed salads. Delicious for dipping dark and sourdough bread.

Valderrama olive oil Arbequina 250ml. Green apples, lime, mango, banana and freshly cut grass.

Ideal for salads, dressings, risotto, glazing vegetables, unique over fresh fruits such as yellow melon, pineapple and banana. Perfect for dipping white bread.

Valderrama olive oil Picudo 250ml. A refined olive flavor with a 'butter', a 'nut' and a 'bitter'.

Ideal for the preparation of whitefish, langoustines and in fish soups, finishing purees and pastes, particularly suitable for preparing fish and vegetable sauces.

The olive oil variety for preparing mayonnaises. Mix 50% clarified butter with 50% Picudo (luke warm) for a perfect butter sauce over white asparagus or scallops.

Valderrama olive oil Cornicabra olive oil 250ml. The most pronounced of the 'five' different types. Fresh grass, grapefruit, lemon and a clear pepper at the end.

Extremely suitable for baking and roasting all game and poultry dishes. A generous dash in a stew works wonders.

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