Wittmann Rosé Trocken 2022


Wittmann Rose Trocken

Pink with orange tinge. Lots of fruit on the nose such as raspberry and blackcurrant and spiciness. Wonderfully juicy in the mouth with beautiful, ripe acidity and a good aftertaste.

Philipp Wittmann (responsible for the cellar and export), together with father Günther (vineyards) and mother Elisabeth (sales), has built a beautiful wine company in Westhofen, Rheinhessen. Since 1990, we have been working first organically and later biodynamically. The house is 'the standard' for Rheinhessen: this is evident from the enormous flow of international appreciation that the wines receive, both higher and lower. For example, Philipp has already been named the best white winemaker in Germany twice by Eichelmann. Philipp is married to Eva Clüsserath from the Moselle.

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