Jolly Caffè ESE Servings Espresso 36 pieces


Espresso Jolly Caffè Servings 36 pieces

JollyCaffè is considered one of the best espresso producers. On the one hand, this has its origins in a very careful choice from 12 different, very high-quality Arabica varieties. On the other hand, JollyCaffè also uses a special roasting method, in which the different types of beans are roasted separately before being combined into a blend. This method delivers the optimal roast per type, which, according to Jolly, is of decisive importance for the good quality of this coffee. In addition, Jolly only purchases coffee that is picked by hand and then sorted electronically.

The renowned Italian trade magazine l'Assaggiatore has placed Jolly first in a comparison of quality coffee. Jolly was also awarded the “Espresso Italiano” Certificate. In the German gourmet magazine “Der Feinschmecker”, Jolly's espresso servings were the winner and recently the magazine “Gute Rat” did the same.

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