MIP Rose Classic Provence 2023


MIP Classic Made in Provence Rosé Domaine Saint Lucie

Bright pale pink, fresh and expressive with peach, citrus, small red fruit and rose petals.

Due to its irresistibly fresh and accessible taste, MIP Classic Rosé is an undisputed crowd pleaser that has sold out worldwide in no time. The grapes grow in vineyards at the foot of Mont Sainte-Victoire on a calcareous soil with sand, red clay and stones. Due to the dry, sunny climate, diseases hardly occur in the vineyards and the use of pesticides is virtually unnecessary. At night the temperature drops considerably, causing the grapes to develop intense aromas and retain their freshness.

After harvest, the grapes are cooled to freezing point on dry ice to ensure that the color and aromas are preserved as best as possible and the grapes do not have a chance to oxidize. This makes MIP Rosé wonderfully fresh and aromatic with notes of peach, citrus, small red fruit and rose petals. Perfect as an aperitif, with snacks, light starters, salads and Mediterranean dishes with fish, prawns, vegetables and chicken.

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